Our Hidden Talent!

Would you like to hear our hidden talent? We are VERY good at estimating a woman’s finger size with just a little bit of info the boyfriend can provide us, such as a photo, height, and shoe size.


With just those little pieces of information, we can get the ring size pretty close, if not exact! And because of the way our rings are made, if we need to size the ring, it will not cause any harm to the ring whatsoever.


Most jewelry stores stock rings in large finger sizes, and size the ring down after proposal. This can significantly reduce the integrity of the ring, cause stones to fall out and lead to other issues.


We know you might be anxious about getting the size of the ring right, but fear not, we’ve got you covered!


Ring size is just one way you’ll notice a difference when working with Rothschild. Send us a message or reach out and let us make your ring journey as easy as can be!