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Our boutique service is an experience you can’t get anywhere else.

It’s why our customers travel to New Orleans from across the country. We see potential customers on a one-on-one basis, by appointment only. When you schedule an appointment with us, you meet one of our diamond-expert owners directly. We can’t wait to help you craft the ring of your dreams!

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Here’s what you can expect during our initial meeting

  1. We listen to your unique needs.

    During our comfortable and conversational  appointment, we work with you to understand exactly what you’re looking for.

    We select a range of diamonds from our vault.
    We hand-select a few diamonds specifically for you from our extensive collection of highly scrutinized stones. We pride ourselves in selecting the best diamonds the world in terms of quality, cut and value. The creme de la creme.

  2. We educate you on your investment.

    After 50+ years in the industry, we know a lot about diamonds. We teach you everything you need to know so you feel comfortable about your investment and decision.

    We take pride in educating our customers about diamonds and selecting the ideal stone based on their preferences as far as shape, size, and balancing color/clarity. We only stock exquisite cuts, and you won’t find a single ‘deep stone’ in our inventory. The best ring for the best price. That’s what we offer to you at Rothschild.

  3. We design your ring.

    We work closely together to design a ring, custom for the diamond you selected. The ring will be created in our jeweler’s workshop in house.

    You receive the engagement ring of your dreams. And one completely unique to you and your loved one.

Let us make your dreams come true.


 You can book your initial appointment without any obligation. If you don’t trust that we offer you the best quality available at the best price, then you are free to go elsewhere. But we’re pretty sure that you’ll want to work with us. 

After the initial appointment… We design your ring. Once you select a diamond, we work closely with you to create a custom ring especially the diamond you selected. The setting is designed and created in house and in our jeweler’s workshop in our office. You receive the engagement ring of your dreams. And one completely unique to you and your loved one. 

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