Tips to Keep Your Jewelry Safe and Sparkling

  1. When possible, we recommend taking off your ring to apply makeup, lotions, and hair products. Keep a small dish by your vanity to hold your ring while you get ready. But don’t worry, these things tend to happen when we’re wearing our jewelry daily and it can’t harm the ring. Just follow our steps for cleaning your jewelry to bring back its sparkle and shine! 
  2. Avoid cleaning your ring with any harsh chemicals or rough brushes. Only use a soft bristle brush like a toothbrush! 
  3. Take off your ring when you do the dishes or deep clean your home. We recommend keeping a small dish by the sink to safely store your ring while you’re cleaning house and doing dishes!
  4. Leave your engagement rings and wedding bands at home when you go to the gym - you’ll definitely want to avoid lifting weights while wearing your engagement ring and wedding band. This is a big one! And we know sometimes it’s unavoidable, so make sure to bring your ring in more often for a complimentary inspection.
  5. We recommend removing all of your jewelry before bed. While you’re sleeping, fingers tend to swell and chains and bracelets can become tangled or damaged. 
Schedule an Appointment for your complimentary inspection to have your jewelry professionally cleaned, checked and polished! We recommend bringing your ring and wedding band in semi-annually, but you are more than welcome to bring it as often as you’d like!