Straight from the Source

At Rothschild Diamonds, we work directly with suppliers to cut out the middle-man. That’s how we’re able to offer you the finest diamonds at much lower prices than other jewelry stores.


To make up for the cost of intermediaries, other shops either mark up their prices or offer you a lower quality diamond in sneaky ways. We’re going to tell you about a (unfortunately) common, sneaky trick.


Within the diamond color and clarity grading scales, each color or clarity grade has a large scale within each grade. For example, you could have a diamond that’s graded as a ‘G’ that’s closer to an ‘F’ in color (this would be called a ‘positive grade’, as it’s almost to the next higher grade) or you could have a stone that’s a ‘G’ and closer to ‘H’ in color (this would be a ‘negative grade’ since it’s close to being the next lower quality).


Many jewelers sell negative grades to make a larger margin (selling something that’s almost an ‘H’ at a ‘G’ price). We find this practice unforgiveable and only sell positive grades. 


When you’ve run a successful jewelry business for more than 50 years, you know that your reputation is the most important asset. That’s why we only offer the absolute best.