The Basics for Diamond Buying

Ready to learn about diamonds? Here are the most important things to know. And if you schedule an appointment with a Rothschild Diamond Expert, don’t worry - we take pride in educating our customers about their investment, teaching them everything they need to know about diamonds to choose the perfect one. 

Here are the basics:

1.   Buy from someone you can trust and no need to worry! Check out “The Rothschild Difference” blog post for some details on why this is so important. 

2.   Learn the 4 Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight and know that cut is by far the most important! (insert Pic of diamond shapes and scales) The color and clarity combinations we recommend vary based on the   diamond shape you choose. But in general, the “Near Colorless” range and VS2-SI2 clarity is the quality we usually recommend to get the most value. (Emerald and Asscher Cuts are an exception - Stick with VVS1 - VS2 for clarity)

3.   Stick with GIA certified diamonds for your engagement ring! They are the only lab who grades and certifies diamonds accurately. The other labs out there grade diamonds 2-3 grades better than what they truly are!